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Monday, April 13, 2009

Color Effect On Space Bedroom

ruang warna kuning

Yellow can be stimulating. What about the other colors?

Sleep is activities that are absolutely made in the day to re-charge your mind and energy. Sound condition or not someone is called the sleep quality of sleep.

One of the factors that can affect the quality of sleep is a condition of bedrooms. Cat who is one of the components bedrooms, of the influence that was quite important in determining the quality of someone sleeping.

In general, the space characters to create a better quality of sleep is the maximum that is calm, both physically and emotionally. Character and this can usually be well by colors of cool and pastel colors. Cool colors are used to the usual bedroom wall color is a soft gradation of green and blue.
ruang warnakuning2

However, this does not mean price, for that room, must be selected with a green tone paint or blue. Maybe for you the day-to-day has been very active, the colors green and blue nuances are very suitable for improving the quality of sleep. But for you, including the passive group, may require more colors such as yellow, the spirit or peach.

ruang biru
According to Imelda Akmal Sandjaya, the author of the book up Art House: Bedroom, there are four factors that must be considered in choosing colors to paint the bedroom.

According to color psychology, to get a calm effect, you should use colors from the cool colors such as blue and green. In addition, you can also choose the color shade of the color "earth" or ground (earth tones).

Architecture Design
To determine the color of paint bedrooms appropriate, must also consider the overall home architecture. Would damage the sustainability of design, when in the midst of ethnic-style house, appears with a bedroom wall color nuances candy.

For some people who like to follow trends, and also like the change-house interior, one of the factors is essential to consider, so that is not considered out of fashion.

Character of the Room

As reviewed above, it is the color paint bedroom character adapted to the owner. Including whether the person needs to "be" or otherwise take "heat". Here are some colors that are used for many bedrooms. Should not choose a color block or dark, because it gives the impression "hit".

Color to give the impression that this pure spirit to increase according to the group of people from passive. Color is also suitable for the prevailing lighting bedroom less. Yellow is very fitting, if combined with a blue, beige, white and yellow gradation.

This is the color to give the impression that cool and calm. Gradient blue light to give the impression there is open and the flow of air in the room. For the best combination, Pair with beige and white.

This color is a mix hot colors (red) and cold (blue). Therefore, purple, lavender purple, especially, to give effect balance. Meanwhile, purple and violet are muted to the point of rest. Gradient purple appropriate if combined with a pink or beige.

In psychology, pink trusted to give effect and the optimistic mood for the good of it. For best results, Pair pale pink roses with pink or salmon pink and beige, and the neutral colors (white, gray).

Green is the color of nature. Cause this effect color shade and fresh. Results for the harmonious, Pair with blue, yellow, cream and beige.

Aqua MARINE / Turquoise
Mix green and blue gives the impression relieved in the room. Ideal for bedrooms because "invite" people to rest. Colors are consistent with the color of sage (gray green) and cream.

Yellow is healthful
ruang kuning putih
IF INCIDENTAL fruit or the hearts you are suffering from mental illness and need care at home in that time period long enough, there's a little tip for you that may help accelerate the healing of the sick. Tip is to change the wall paint or interior room with the feel of the pain mastic. Why yellow and not white or blue-green paint as the walls in the hospital? Maybe some of you will submit a question.

According to research conducted by the University of Delaware, the color yellow can accelerate the healing process. The psychological, yellow in the young and soft gradation, will create a fun atmosphere and comfort for the pain to rest physically. The maximum physical break will help accelerate the healing process. But on the other hand, a pure yellow color will still provide stimulus or stimulus light on the mental illness so that they remain active. Thus, bad mood due to boredom and depression in pain because of the activities can not be as usual, at the reduction.

This also affects the mental condition after the healing process thoroughly. If during the treatment, the pain still get mild mental stimulus, and when cured, can return to normal activities such as adaptation does not take too long.

For best results, select the color yellow or the young and rather soft yellow light of the old and unsightly. Application of color is not solid or block, to avoid the effect of pressing on the pain.


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