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Monday, March 23, 2009

Meaning of Seven Colours RAINBOW

Blue: spirituality
Color of objects far from us: sea, sky, sky. Color blue energy will help us see more of us around, and expand our perceptions.
Blue is the color of nation, which brings:
* The Peace and
* Improving communication
* Becalm

Yellow: Policy
Yellow color usually associated with the sun, so this color will help us in improving the life and energy. Yellow enrich, soothe and sistem2 in our bodies.
Yellow is the color that brings the sun:
* Clarity mind
Regularity *
* Repairs emotional
* Ability to take decisions in
* Reduce kebingunan.

Red: vitality
Red is the color with a wavelength farthest, and most near infrared rays.
Red will improve physical conditions and we take:
* Energy
* Enthusiasm
* His / Her
* Pain safe

Of the three colors will appear harmonization raises the colors in your body. From the three main colors this is there will be some of the secondary color next:

Orange: ENERGY Creative
Orange is a combination of red and yellow energy that brings the power of red cinder and control policies and yellow. Orange, like red, is the dynamic energy lenih restrained and more "educated"
Orange will bring:
* Creativity
* Fun
* Escape from the tedium
* Balance

Green: LIFE, balance, NATURAL
Green is a combination of yellow (mind) and blue (spirit). And is exactly the color balance. This green color has many variations, and the most variasinyalah arrested olej can the human eye.
Green will bring:
* Harmony
* Simpati
* Health
* Property
* Balance
* Growth.

Indigo: unlimited
Indigo blue strengthen energy. At the physical level, the calm blue, indigo, and will make us fall asleep. Indigo will deepen the effect blue and direct energy into the blue.
Indigo will bring
* Awareness of the scrutiny
* The progress of the spiritual
* Control of self
* Policy
* Awareness
* Intuition
* Ability supranatural.

Violet: TOP spiritual mastery.
Violet rays is spiritual mastery. As a combination of blue and red, the energy carried by violet rays are strong and stable. Violet will bring:
* Misery - if there is a violet color is very dark.
* Achieving a high level of spiritual
* A pale violet color, which will bring the feeling of love of humanity
* Violet color near the blue to bring idealism.
* Bringing imagination and inspiration.
* Combining energy for healing purposes

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